Individual Therapy in the Oakland, East Bay Area

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Oakland therapist Shannon Rogers is passionate about helping you find more joy in your life and your relationships. If you are interested in working on self image, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss and bereavement, or if you just want some help managing an unmanageable relationship, Shannon's got your back. Shannon also works with the LGBT-QI community helping all of Oakland work through life challenges and difficulties.


Therapy can help

Life is full of demands, just living day-to-day can leave us feeling out of touch with ourselves and out of touch with the people and things that mean the most to us. In the hustle of life, therapy can be a rare, reflective space in which we take the time to talk and think about what matters most to you, be it:

  • finding more joy in your life
  • relief from pain and suffering
  • reconnecting with your creativity
  • finding meaning and balance in work and life
  • self-awareness, self-compassion, self-understanding
  • finding your way back to yourself after a loss or life transition
  • having more fulfilling relationships or deeper connections with others

Therapy is a conversation

Through that conversation, I aim to help people:

  • make lasting change
  • develop mindfulness skills
  • understand themselves and others better
  • discover and address what is getting in the way
  • make sense of conflicting thoughts, desires, or feelings
  • increase somatic self-awareness (awareness / mindfulness of the body)
  • understand and address the root causes of what might feel like an unsolvable problem

I have training and experience working with a broad range of concerns, such as the following:

  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • identity
  • depression
  • procrastination
  • career concerns
  • performance anxiety
  • grief, loss, and bereavement
  • self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • shame or guilt for being different from friends, family, or the "norm"
  • self-esteem, self-criticism (working with inner critic, superego, judge, the committee)
  • life-transitions such as graduating from college, aging, leaving home for the first time, becoming a parent, and getting married


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