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Couples counseling Oakland,  Shannon Rogers MFT

Shannon Rogers provides couples counseling and marriage counseling in the East Bay / Oakland Area. She is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and works with people from all backgrounds. She is committed to helping you resolve your relationship difficulties so you can be happier and more fulfilled in all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.

Oakland Couples Counselor Shannon Rogers

If you are currently feeling unhappy or stuck in your relationship, or even if you are just looking for some feedback and fine tuning of your relationship let's talk. I have excellent training in couples and marriage therapy and enjoy helping couples coordinate an action plan to get their relationship going in a positive direction.

My approach to Couples Counseling

I help couples understand themselves and look at current relationship difficulties in new ways. I teach couples awareness and enable them to make conscious choices versus reacting in automatic and unconscious ways. I help couples dig beneath the surface to understand what is driving the current relationship problems or difficulties.  At the same time I teach relationship and communication skills and will help you use them in a way that works for your relationship.

How Counseling Can Help

No one is born a relationship expert. We all learn as we go. As much as our relationships can bring us security, joy, and love they can also bring confusion, frustration, anxiety, and fear. People often come to couples therapy feeling confused and frustrated, stuck in a tangled web with little hope of being freed. With a little bit of with time, attention, and effort you can learn to:

  • get unstuck
  • learn new skills
  • have new insights
  • make lasting change
  • improve coping skills
  • address ambivalence
  • rebuild or develop trust
  • create appropriate boundaries
  • improve communication skills
  • increase understanding of yourself
  • increase understanding of your partner
  • bring awareness to underlying issues, assumptions, or expectations
  • express difficult feelings such as jealousy, anger, or insecurity constructively
  • support each other through life transitions such as becoming parents, marriage, divorce, and aging

Couples From All Backgrounds Welcome

I welcome and work with relationships of all kinds, including:

  • couples who are dating
  • couples who are married
  • couples who are not married
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) couples 
  • monogamous couples
  • non-monogamous / poly relationships
  • co-parenting relationships

If you'd like to hear more about my approach please be in touch. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation.


Shannon Rogers, Oakland couples therapist
Shannon Rogers, couples counselor in Oakland
Shannon Rogers couples counseling in Oakland